Monday 14 January 2019

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First aid Awareness


Thank you to all who have put their names forward to attend the above.


The date will be Monday 14th January 2019


2 separate sessions, 15 people per session.


Times will be advised at a later date.


I will be in touch with everyone who had put their names forward on the list.


Jhc 20.11.18


  First Aid Awareness Course  
  Monday 14.1.19   Monday 14.1.19    
  10.00am   13.30pm    
  Roger Button              
  Hilary Eagles     Ray Alday      
  Pennie Gardiner     Pat Alday      
  Diane Grohman     Pat Carpenter      
  Peter Hoare     June Coyle      
  Maureen Hulbert     Audrey Fry      
  Jean Ingram     Janet Hardie      
  Joe McNeilage     Robin Hardie      
  Fiona Pelly     Beryl Harding      
  Sue Pitman     June Pengelly      
  Iris Read     Mike Pengelly      
  Newton Spours     David Shaw      
  Pat Stainer     Alan Small      
  Clive Stainer     Beryl Waters      
  Jackie Tanner     Gerry White      
  Kath Waters     Dave Williams