indoor bowls competition winners 2017indoor bowls competition winners 2017indoor bowls competition winners 2017

Club Competition Winners

These are the Winners of the Club Competitions for 2016 ~ 2017

    Ladies Singles   Sue Cooke   Alex Jacobs
    Men's Singles   Bob George   Andy Bradfield
    Ladies Pairs   June Coyle  &  Fizz Mace   June Coyle  &   Fizz Mace
    Men's Pairs   Bob George  &   Dave Edmonds   Alan Stell  &  Roger Button
    Mixed Pairs   Viv Baskerville  &  Neil Connor   Jean Collier  &  Gordon Scott
     Mixed First Chance Pairs   Pam  &  Peter Blackman   Philip  &  Lyn Brown
    Men's First Chance Pairs   Robert Clews  &  W. Donald   Steve Hunt  &  Miles Pickering
    Ladies First Chance Pairs   Kath Pickering  & Heather Pope   Ann Shaw  &  Gill Bradnam
    Ladies Triples  

      Molly Manning: Sue Cooke

    Alex Jacobs


    Molly Manning: Sue Cooke:

    Alex Jacobs

    Men's Triples  

    Alan Stell:  Richard Gainey

    Neil Connor


    Neil Connor:  Alan Stell:

    Roger Button

    Ladies Fours  

    Barbera Shepheard:  Jane Taylor

    Irene Button:  Jean Collier


    Alex Jacobs:  Molly Manning:

    Judy Selbie:  Sue Cooke:

    Men's Fours  

    Paul Strover:  Chris Moules

    Richard Chadwick:  Eddie Haslop


    Neil Connor:  Alan Stell:

    Richard Gainey:  Roger Button

    Mixed Fours  

    Barbera Shepheard:   Viv Baskerville

    Alan Stell:   Richard Gainey


    Bob George:  Morris Byron

    Jane Taylor:  Fizz Mace   


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