Outdoor Charges

The Board have decided that to encourage new beginners, they can join the outdoor club for a one season payment of £25 (this is a limited membership, and does not allow these players to play in any league games). New members can upgrade this to full membership by payment of a further £40.

The second season will revert to full membership.

2016   ADULTS     UNDER 18      DRESS CODE. BOTTOM/TOPS      
Outdoor membership fee £65 £10 Club Shirts
Friendly two course meal. £7 to £9   Whites / Club Shirts  
 Friendly light meal. £4.50   Whites / Club Shirts  
League matches (supper) men. £4.00   Grey / Club Shirts  
League matches T & B ladies £3.00   Grey / Club Shirts  
Monday mixed league £3.00   Grey / Club Shirts  
Friday tea & biscuits. (T&B) £2.00   Grey / Club Shirts  
Monday Night. (Litherland trophy) £1.50   Grey / Club Shirts  
Roll ups £0.00   Grey / White / Casuals  **
      ** Casuals when no league matches are playing