Our Champions

These results show the Winners of the Outdoor Club Competitions for 2017/18 season.





Men's Championship 4 Woods


Ladies Championship  4 Woods

  Men's Drawn Pairs  


  Men's Handicap      
  Ladies Drawn Pairs  


  Men's Novices      
  Ladies Handicap      
  Men's 2-Wood Singles      
  Ladies 2-Wood Singles      
  Ladies Invitation Mixed Pairs  



  101 Up      
  Ladies  Novice (UB)  



Mixed Drawn Triples


Eddie Haslop       Lyn Brown    Pat Carpenter


Club Drawn Pairs


Ann Roberts-Phare   Jean Ingran

  Litherland Trophy      

Captains Special Awards

 Most Improved Bowlers 


Adie Lloyd  Trophy

 Voted by the Members 


(S.M.)   Social Member


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