Our Champions

These results show the Winners of the Outdoor Club Competitions for 2016/17 season.


      2017  Winners   2017 runners up  

Men's Championship

4 Woods

  I.  Bristow   K.  Baillieu  

Ladies Championship

4 Woods


F.  Mace

  A.  Greenland  
  Men's Drawn Pairs  

V.  Roberts-Phare  

A.  List


M.  Pengelly

 J.  Read

  Men's Handicap   J.  Rodgers   S.  Hunt  
  Ladies Drawn Pairs  

J.  Pengelly

 A.  Roberts-Phare 


A.  Greenland

 M.  Hulbert

  Men's Novices   A.  List   S.  Hunt  
  Ladies Handicap  

   A.  Roberts-Phare

  R.  Weston   
  Men's 2-Wood Singles   E.  Haslop   I.  Bristow  
  Ladies 2-Wood Singles   A.  Roberts-Phare   I.  Read  
  Ladies Invitation Mixed Pairs  

S.  Haslop

E.  Haslop


A.  Roberts-Phare

V.  Roberts-Phare

  101 Up   A.  List   P.  Bent  
  Ladies  Novice (UB)  

J.  Pengelly


R.  Bent


Mixed Drawn Triples


E.  Haslop    P.  Blackman

B.  Barnett


R.  Weston.   J.  Litherland

M.  Pickering


Club Drawn Pairs



  Litherland Trophy   A.  Pullin   D.  Brown  

Captains Special Awards

 Most Improved Bowlers 


Sue Basson

Alan Pullin


Adie Lloyd  Trophy

 Voted by the Members 


Phil Brown (S.M.)

Ron Read


(S.M.)   Social Member.